Important Questions You May Have !!


  • Can we be married anywhere we like in Australia? YES
    I am authorised to marry couples anywhere in Australia but
    conduct most weddings in the Sydney areas, also 
  • Is it possible to be married at home? YES  Home weddings
    are popular  you will need to have 2  witnesses only.
  • Can we be married at any time of the day or night or on any
    day of the year? YES
  • Do we need a licence to get married?  NO –  You do need
    to complete a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) and lodge
    with me within the required time .
     It is usually witnessed by me
    at our first meeting, but may also be witnessed by a JP,
    Notary Public etc. & scanned & emailed or faxed and
    posted to me.
  • Are we able to plan our wedding ceremony by email & post? YES Once you have made contact with me, we can complete all the necessary documents by email, fax or post.Original documents are then sighted and signed when we meet before your wedding
  • Why is it important to engage an experienced celebrant? An experienced celebrant is able handle all of the legalities well and write and conduct a lovely ceremony. I have conducted several weddings and Renewal of Vow Ceremonies and have knowledge of the current regulations regarding marriage and many ideas to personalise your ceremony.
  • Can we be married in Sydney when we arrive from overseas?YES 
  • Do we have to have a blood test? NO
  • What names do we use on our Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM)Your names must be exactly as they are on your birth certificate, or if previously married, your married name, or if you have a Change of Name Certificate.
  • Can I use the name I am known by usage?NO if you have changed your name you must register the change with the BDM in your state through a Change of Name form.If you use a name which you have assumed through usage, you may have trouble having your
    Marriage Certificate recognised by the Passport Office etc. in future.
  • Do we only need 2 witnesses? YES
  • Can they be members of our family, if they are over 18 years? YES
  • Will we be given a presentation wedding certificate on the day? YES 
  • Will our wedding be accepted world wide? YES
    Some countries require  an Apostille stamp.
    Check with your embassy or DFAT
  • Do you register our marriage for us? YES
    I will register your marriage online shortly after the ceremony.
  • Can you order our registered marriage certificate? YES
    I can order it online for you after registering your marriage.  For a small fee,I can order your certificate  from BDM 
  • May we write our own Ceremony? YES  You can write as little or as much of your ceremony as long as I make sure that it complies with the Marriage Act, 1961 of Australia.
  • If we give you information, will you write a personal
    ceremony for us? YES  of course, I very much  enjoy learning
    about you as a couple and writing a ceremony that is
    unique to the couple on their special day.
  • May our friends read a poem or reading? YES 
  • Is it possible to incorporate symbols and ceremonies from my religious faith or culture? YES  – I encourage couples to honour their culture within their ceremony.
  • Can you tell us about special ceremonies such as the sand ceremony, handfasting, wine ceremony,unity bowl, rose ceremony, candle ceremony, ring warming?  YES  I am happy to give you information about ways to personalise your wedding ceremony and to discuss the most appropriate one for you.
  • Can I marry a person of my own sex? NO – not at present in Australia. However, you may have a commitment
    ceremony which is similar to a wedding ceremony
    & you can register your relationship with.
    Births, Deaths & Marriages N.S.W.
  • Do we have to have wedding rings? NO In order for your marriage to be legal it must include the Celebrant Authority, the prescribed Vows, and signatures by the bride and groom, witnesses and celebrant.
  • May I be given away or presented by a person who is not a member of my family? YES
  • Do we need to have my birth certificate, divorce papers and death certificate translated into English if they are in another language? YES
  • If we have already produced our birth certificates, divorce papers and/or death certificates do we need to provide them again on our wedding day? NO 
  • Are you able to write a letter of support for family members applying for visas from overseas in order to attend our wedding? YES, I am happy to help with this.
  • Can you help us with immigration advice? NO By law I am unable to offer advice on immigration matters but I can refer you to the relevant authorities or to an Immigration Agent who can help you.
  • Can I use my Australian passport as evidence of identity for theNOIM?    From 1st July 2014, you will be able to use your Australian passport as evidence of identity for your NOIM.
  • Can you assist in making suggestions for our venueYES I am more than happy to suggest different venues for you.
  • Will you help with production of the ceremony, ie, who stands where? YES –  That’s part of my role.I will discuss that and  can have a rehearsal if you think that is necessary.I also provide a table  for signing if needed .
  • Can we be married if we are both under 18 years? NO, only one can be under 18. (and then you need permission of the court)
  • Can we hyphenate our surnames? YES
  • We want to elope, get married without any fuss, just the two of us.  Is that possible? YES. For a marriage ceremony to be legal, you only need the two of you, the celebrant , and two witnesses over the age of 18.   You also need to give the required notice etc.
  • What if we want to change the date of our wedding?  I am happy to transfer your booking fee to another date that I am available.
  • What happens if you are unable to conduct our wedding at short notice, due to illness or accident? I will do my utmost to find another celebrant to conduct your ceremony,& will transfer your legal documents.  
  • How can we be sure that you are a legally registered marriage celebrant, and our marriage will be valid? The Commonwealth Attorney General’s website has a list of registered marriage celebrants. Attorney Generals Registered Marriage Celebrants and you can find my name and contact details here.
    Please feel free to contact me should you have any
    other enquiries
    ph: 0408 292 077